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My life changing experience: Remorseful Side-Chick Shares her stork "I almost died"

Hello, Dear Joro, I've been keeping something in my mind for about a week now and I finally decided to share. Please don't judge me, I've already judged myself. I recently went to spend the weekend with one of my married boyfriends in Abuja.

Unknown to us his wife tracked us down through his driver and she came and bursted us at the guesthouse we lodged. Hmmmm I've never.. READ MORE..
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Maybe, Some of Us Are Not Meant To Find Love: My Worse Valentine

Francis got married five years ago. He has a very beautiful family now; a daughter, a son and a beautiful wife to match. Just some months before his wedding, I was his girlfriend. We had dated two years prior. I didn’t get the hint. He cut links with me and later told me; “I don’t think it’s going to work. Look at both of us, we are so...READ MORE..   

Simple Trick To Bleep Olosho Gilrs

I want to share a magic trick
Bros JoroLove Doctor, I want to teach ur male followers a magic trick. Very simple google an iPhone pix . Find a girl who is using old iPhone or android.

From their picture U will no there phone quality.Tell her you want to buy her iPhone. Send her 10k the next day for recharge card. That 10k or 5k is to.. READ MORE.. 

I must collect my val money, Val hair and Val d@ck.

Hello Joro, my boyfriend has been trying to pick a fight with me for Valentine's Day. He has said all sorts and called me all the names in the world. Me I didn't answer. I must collect my val money, Val hair and Val d@ck.

Those olosho girls can have him on the 15th and so on I don't care. He lied he was traveling. Me I went to park in front.. READ MORE..