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My Girlfriend Slept With My "Baby-Brother", Our Last Born

My Girlfriend Slept With My "Baby-Brother", Our Last Born

"Lemme go straight to the point, I work with micro finance bank which I don't normally have time, my girl is on her IT at ministry of health in my state, what happened yesterday shocked me, my church is having a youth conference currently going on now in Anambra state, for the past two weeks now I'm in the village, she don't normally go to her IT place telling me that there are on malaria program which she don't considered it useful according to her.

I Can’t Believe My Husband Is Asking Me For This!!

I’m a 27-year-old lady and my husband is 31 years. We got married four months ago, we attend the same church, we even met in the church and we are both active. He is in the ushering department while am in the choir and we are both born again. Am telling you all this for you to know we are not babies in the spirit. Our courtship was sex free, as you know now, no touching, kissing nor romancing.


Could This Be An Invitation For ****???

I was rushing to my school bus stand to enter the bus before it fills up,then suddenly i hit my left leg against a stone,i now made the sign of the cross and continued my journey,then this girl walked up to me,and asked why i was making the sign of the cross, I replied her "the bible says we should pray at all time".she just laughed and we parted ways....


Why on earth will a young lady indulge in the act of having unprotected ****? it beats my imagination! are they thinking at all?

Please read this story and make your contributions.
I met this guy, he is married and we have been friends for a while and he wants us to have s*x. I pretty much like him but have been scared to yielding to his demand for s*x.
Recently, i decided to give it a try and attempt to have sex with him. When the time came, he wanted to go in without protection and i stopped him straight away.

How She Set Me Up So She could Leave And Marry Her Ex

The day I proposed to her she said no. She explained, “There is this guy in my life. We’ve dated for two years and all of a sudden, he’s playing hide and seek with me. He traveled abroad without telling me and ever since he had been there, he had treated me as if I don’t matter. I want to be sure it’s over between us before I could start something with you.”

Remembering Those Big Aunties That Disvirgin Us When We Were Small - true storie

This weekend, my exuberant 3-yr old nephew was sitting down, hands in his lap. Grandma asked him "do you want to wee-wee?" And our baby replied "I'm protecting my privates"

You see, my brother gifted them with a book written by Nomthi Odukoya titled "No! Don't touch me there". It's a lovely book, talking about child abuse, teaching children how to understand what is right and wrong and how to react.


My Husband Is My Boyfriend On Facebook, Whatsapp & snap And He Does Not Know It

I have been married to my hubby for 8 years and we are blessed with 4 boys which I had vaginally. After my last boy, my marriage went from bad to worse, as in, getting my hubby’s attention over the years has been very difficult. To have sex with him is even on ‘appointment’ basis. The rate at which my marriage was going, I knew that if I didn’t do something about it, it would move from worse to worst.


My Friend Brought A "RUNS GIRL" To My House.. and this Happened

It was 4:30 am last Saturday and I was still battling from the stress of the week, slept like someone who trekked from V.I to Aguda Surulere all through Monday to Friday.

I was still enjoying my dream of an imaginary girlfriend preparing a seemingly spicy ‘Ogbono’ soup for me when a loud knock on my door jolted me out of the beautiful dream.


Help! s3x with him has been addictive ever since he arm-twisted into a qu!ckie

When I first met my current boyfriend, I knew he was untrustworthy. We met at a party he attended with his girlfriend and he hit on me. When I went to the toilet, he followed and virtually arm-twisted me into having a quickie with him. We then started seeing each other on and off. He is a charming rogue and sex with him is addictive.

A Buhari fan Refunds N1M to a critic who spent N4.5M to campaign for PMB

Nigerians on twitter got no chill at all and I am surprised how far Nigerians can go just to show love to politicians, these same politicians that impoverished us. I found these tweets and decided to share.

So a twtter user with the username @Ibn_NaAllah posted: "This government has failed completely, nothing to show. I spent 4.5 million campaigning for them... when do i get to send my account number for refund:?

A fanatical supporter of Buhari replied saying: "I think its not fair saying this Government has nothing to show simply because you spent 2M, kindly DM your account details and I will pay you back your money. #SaiBaba"

You know what stunned me? The initial poster went to the guy's DM to demand the money and he got N1M transferred to him instantly by the Buhari fan.


Where are the Buharists oh?

Real life confession: I slept with my husband's boss to win him a promotion

About five years ago my husband Sean and I were struggling to pay our bills after he'd been forced to change jobs and I'd taken time off work to have our first child. His new position, in the finance division of a major company, paid a lot less than his last job and we were going to the wall financially. It looked as if we were going to have to go to my parents for a big loan to make sure we didn't lose our dream house and end up on the streets


How It Feels To Get Your D!ck Sucked (confession)

Many of my girlfriends have asked me the question, “What does it feel like to receive a Mouth Gig?” They tell me that they yearn for a joystick just so they can experience it themselves. I, for one, understand this completely. I can’t imagine clocking in countless Mouth Gig hours without a
guarantee that you’re going to get yours.


"I Dont Know Who Got Me Pregnant" - Confession Of A Housewife.

People should not judge me but help me understand what I’ve gotten myself into and how to come out of these complications. Pls I can’t disclose my name for obvious reasons.

Let me just go straight to the point. I’m a good wife to my husband and he loves me too. We are both sex freaks, sometimes we even make love in the kitchen while am cooking since we live alone. That’s how sweet our marriage was. But not any more.

God Bless Every Lady Dat Has Given Me A Taste Of This!

As shared by him o

I met this girl sometime ago and we got to know each other and talked a lot on whatsapp and really got naughty, we got to the point of exchanging n*de pictures and I told her a lot of naughty things I will do to her when she comes to my house, I told her I was going to lick her from bottom to top and take her to ecstasy.



I really hated the staff retreats. It was a bother to my time and my person in general but being the only manager and woman in my team, I had to go. The guys were having the best time of their lives but no one dare talk to me. As their superior and a woman, I had learned to be tough. I did not want any disrespect of any sort. This worked so well for me until we hired Dayo.

You’ll Never Forget To Carry C0ND0M After Seeing What Happened To this girl At a Party

Every guy has that one female friend that he crushes on and wishes he would smash if the opportunity ever arose. To me Alice was that girl – a sweet Kale chic from Eldoret that i had known since my college years. She hailed from a wealthy family and loved the good life. We loved teasing each other. The tension kept steaming. It would only be a matter of time before we would tear each others clothes off .

My Husband Says He Wouldn’t Mind If I Sleep With Other Men

I was going through hard times when James came along. I’d broken up with a guy I spent four years with. He woke up one day and decided enough was enough.

James had returned from the United States where he lived for 15 years. He had come to Nigeria on his parents’ request. According to him, he had decided on his future and saw me as part of that future.


Don't Blame Me For Cheating! I'm A Bored Wife, I've Needs A Man Must Meet

Being married is almost every young girls dream, not just being a Mrs but being a Mrs to the right person.
I was a Mrs to ‘the one’ or so I thought till my needs got neglected. I was a trophy wife to my husband, I was everything and more you could ever ask from beauty. I killed it in all ramification; beauty (facial and body wise) intelligence, good character, temperament.