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God Told Pastor Not To Officiate Our Wedding Because We’ve Had Sex Before Marriage

The day I accepted Chris’ proposal to be his girlfriend, something in me was so sure that he was the man I was going to end up with. I mean, it wasn’t hard to see the commitment and dedication he brought on board. He was there for me when I didn’t have a job and he stayed to provide that balance I needed... CONTINUE..

How S3x With A Stranger Almost Cost Me My Life On Xmas Day

This is a true story of an unforgettable near death experience I had on the night of 24th December, 2015 that changed my life forever. I decided to share this story here not because I want you to castigate me for my act (you can't castigate me more than I have castigate myself), but because I believe a lot of people will learn from it and thereby avoid the pitfall in.. CONTINUE..

Size Doesn't Matter!

Finally I dosed off, I was happy that morning cos I'll be going to see my love hours later, by 11:am I was at his house(konji na bastard).  grin

He had this two seater settee in his room just by one extreme, after gisting for few minutes we moved to the room, he sat on the sofa and I sat on his legs, then we started kissing. I was wet while I could feel how erected.. CONTINUE...

“Anal or No Sex!” My Husband Demands

I wouldn’t say we had a great experience with sex from our beginning. I dated my husband for three years before we got married. We… READ MORE...

My Sister Calls My Boyfriend's Name In Her Sleep

Hello sir, am Folake and am a banker with one of the Top Micro Finance Banks. My work recently has been taking a lot of time and so this has taken a toll on my relationship with my boyfriend of 3 years. He keeps complaining that have not been having his time, as I don't pick his calls most time during office hours. But he refused to believe the phone is not always with me at that time. We submit our phones at resumption of work to avoid distractions...


Live Manchester United sack José Mourinho – live reaction!

Here are some of the contenders to take the job full-time. United fans, who do you want? Giggsy after the end of the season? As a side note, I didn’t know that Zidane and Pochettino are both 46. Zinedine ZidaneThe former Real Madrid manager has been heavily linked with United since leaving the Bernabéu in May. The 46-year-old made the rare journey from great player to great coach in under two-and-a-half years in charge of Real. In that time he became the first manager to win the European Cup in three consecutive seasons while playing an exciting brand of football. Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham manager Pochettino has been on United’s radar since he lunched with Ferguson at a Mayfair restaurant in 2016. Not winning any trophies has been the stick to beat 46-year-old Pochettino with during his time in north London. But the Argentinian plays bright, attacking football and was high on United’s list of targets to replace Louis van Gaal. Influential figures at Old Trafford are said to be big …

How Driving Lesson Became A Sex Galore

She shifted the gear stick to ‘D’ and stepped on the accelerator. The car moved but Janet slammed her foot on the break pedal immediately and we both jerked toward the steering wheel. Janet grabbed my hardness through my denim trousers as she eased herself back into the seat. “Hmm…my teacher has a long thing”, she...

"She bon pikin for another man put am for your house say na your own. Na she be the first?

She was irate. His mother.
"Why you dey provoke?" She fumed. "Na becos of small tin like dat na in you go kon talk say you wan troway your wife comot for house?" She didn't allow him respond. "She bon pikin for another man put am for your house say na your own. Na she be the first? You no go dey tank God say she gada church mind kon tell you how the true tori kon be?" He attempted to speak. She cut him short.

My Sexcapades During My University Days (Episode 1)

My Sexcapades During My University Days (Episode 1)
I was just mumbling saying I Don Bleep up, why I go insult this kine babe with this shape. I started blaming the registration that made me exhausted yesterday. My intention was to follow her but approaching a bbe on the road is distasteful to me. So I said there's gon b a next time. After devouring my bricklayer food, I head out to my dept hoping... CONTINUE...

Help! I Have A Crush On My Cousin.

This world sure has matters of the heart frolicking around its orbits. I have too much on my hands. This mail got to me some minutes ago. I don't know what to tell her. Please what do you suggest?

'This sounds weird but it is true. Tope fits into the guy of my dreams. He has the mannerism that makes me swoon just at the sound of his voice. He is a good listener, He is... CONTINUE...

I Am Engaged But In Love With Someone Else - Please advise

Please do not mind the grammatical errors, I am sharing as sent by the blog reader.

"Am a young lady, engaged, still an undergraduate started working sometimes last year. there this guy in my company bt nt in same office different they come around once a while or meeting days.i dont notice him anyway wen they come around bt sometimes same last year wen they came around for a meeting he walked up to me, i can say that was the first time I.. CONTINUE...

Why Can't His Joystick Penetrate Me Fully?

Why Can't His Joystick Penetrate Me Fully?
I have a serious problem, and it's really getting on my nerves.

My husband and I got married 2 months ago . We have been dating for 5 years and we were both virgins. We both value virginity and we decided not to have sex before marriage.

On our first night together, he couldn't... CONTINUE..

My Neighbour's Wife Peeps Through My Door, Should I Report To The Husband?

Please read as shared by a blog reader

"Alright! Let me get this straight up!
I packed into this house early November last year, shared a 3 bedroom flat with this born again couple married for 4years but no kids. I'm a kind of of guy that prefers privacy so much that i can stay in doors for d whole day (thanks for d constant power supply) and i've made my neighbour and.. CONTINUE...

Three Yahoo Boys Paraded With Their Charms And Concotions In Osun State (photos

Operatives of the IGP Intelligence Response Team, IRT, have handed over three suspected Advance Fee fraudsters to the Ibadan office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC for further investigation. SEE FULL STORY..

I Cheated On My Husband and Now I’m at Peace

My husband worked in another town and I only got to see him when he had some days off or during the holidays. Sometimes I went to visit him where he worked.

It was like that for four years in our marriage and we had no problems.

Help Me Please, I Had S*x With My Girlfriend On Her P*riod And Unknown People Have Been Chasing Me In My Dreams Ever Since

Help Me Please, I Had S*x With My Girlfriend On Her P*riod And Unknown People Have Been Chasing Me In My Dreams Ever Since – Nigerian Guy Cries Out

A guy is seriously having terrible nightmares after sleeping with his girlfriend on her m*nstrual period. According to him he said.. CONTINUE...

I Am Impotent & Frustrated

I saw a post about a woman complaining that her sister married an impotent man. I smiled, the man probably knew he had an issue and still went ahead and married. I also have this issue and its really bothering me for over 5 years. Mine is complicated and I think its spiritual.

It all started in 2011 when I was 20 and was ready to have... CONTINUE..