I am a church breaker. Don't make your church the sixteenth one."

She begged him to stop coming but he wouldn't listen.

She was a single lady living by herself thirty four streets away from the church.

He was the pastor of the church.

It was a small church.

On the worst of days, there were 135 members.

On the best of days, there were upwards to 460 members.

The pastor had started it from the ground.

An empty land at first.

And through door to door evangelisation he had grown the church and built the building.

He still did it.

Every saturday morning.

At least 20 houses.

The walk kept him fit.

The meetings was a marketing and interpersonal communication practice.

This lady was one of the ones he repeatedly stopped to invite her to the church and offer her the gift of salvation.

The born again experience.

She was fair skinned to the very border of albinism. Her eyes were irridescent. A little close to six feet tall. Slim but curvaceous. With a ful body of natural hair.

She could be mistaken as biracial.

But she was wholly Nigerian.

From the Niger Delta.

Her voice was always low ebbed.

And she laughed easily.

There was an effortless easiness about her that made her come across as naive and helpless.

And the first thing that came to you when you met her was how she needed to be protected from the world.

And kept in the same pure state that she came across as being in.

So everytime he invited her, she would respond.

"You can't understand Pastor."

And he will plead for her to make him understand.

She would laugh in her low ebbed voice and look away.

Before she will respond.

"Let us leave the past in the past."

He tried to imagine what kind of past she had.

And the harder he tried, the less he could imagine anything more than a girl raised within the confines of a rabidly protective home.

A girl without an understanding of the world.

Forced to face the hard unforgiving Lagos life.

He would ask her repeatedly.

"What do you do for work?"

She would laugh again.

That laughter that made you care even more.

"You ask too many questions, just do your bible talk and leave."

She had once told him that she was thirty eight years old.

He put that down to a lie.

Because she looked twenty one at most.

And had the aura of a sixteen year old.

But he kept coming.

Kept the pressure going.

Until she finally gave in and promised to come the following sunday.

A promise she kept.

When she walked into the church.

Dressed ultra conservatively in a black ankle length skirt, a long sleeve, round neck white blouse, and a shawl.

The congregation were drawn to her.

First it started from the ushers.

And then the men who sat around her.

Even the women couldn't help but give her the eye.

A child she had never met before cried loud until they allowed the little girl sit on her lap.

When the call was made for first time visitors to stand up.

And she did.

The pastor's speech halted for a second and his heart beat raced as he saw her.

She had kept her word.

A fountain of indescribable happiness burst from within as he beheld her.

It was not just him.

Even the church oohed and aahed.

They rushed to shake her hands when the pastor gave the order.

"Let us welcome them to the House of God."

The other new members stood like forgotten sugar cane stalks swaying in the wind.

As the service progressed and the choir sang.

She sang along.

Her voice rose above all others.

It was sweetly sonorous.


Everyone took notice.

And when the service ended, she along the other newcomers where ushered into a well furnished room for refreshments and to have a personal welcome from the pastor and his wife.

His wife was the first to come greet them.

She was petite, sharp eyed and territorial.

Her handshake was firm.

And her gaze spoke more than her words.

When she said the words with a wide smile.

Her two hands clasping yours.

"I hope we would be seeing more of you."

You instantly knew she meant.

"If I were you, I would never set foot in this place again."

When the Pastor came over, he didn't take her outstretched hand.

But instead gave her a warm hug.

It was the only hug he gave anyone that day.

And they all noticed.

It caused tongues to wag long after the day ended.

It was worse at home as his wife took it as a personal affront.

That saturday, the pastor didn't go to the house of the close to albino lady.

And the sunday that followed, she didn't come for service.

So the following saturday, totally refusing to be controlled by his wife and standing on his mandate to spread the word of God to all of humanity, he went to her house.

She was home as usual.

Welcoming as always.

And when he asked her why she didn't come to church the last sunday.

She smiled.

It was one of pity.

Then she spoke.

"Pastor do you still want to have your church?"

He was taken aback for an instant and as though watching himself from somewhere out of his body, he saw himself nod.

"I advice you to stay away from me. Your wife thinks I am a marriage breaker. She is not too far off the truth. I am a church breaker. Don't make your church the sixteenth one."

He heard her words but didn't make sense of them.

But his body understood what she meant because all of a sudden as her words hit him, his head swole several times bigger and his skin was instantly covered by huge goosebumps.

The fetid smell of imaginable evil filled the living room where they both sat.

Fear seized him like a well oiled vice.

Just as he heard the last of her words escape her.


They were pregnant with ominous dread.

"You have a pure heart and a good mind. You are one of the few that truly love your God. I do not like Him but I like you. Please leave and never return."


Source: Jude Idada 
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