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"She bon pikin for another man put am for your house say na your own. Na she be the first?

She was irate.
His mother.

"Why you dey provoke?"
She fumed.
"Na becos of small tin like dat na in you go kon talk say you wan troway your wife comot for house?"
She didn't allow him respond.
"She bon pikin for another man put am for your house say na your own. Na she be the first? You no go dey tank God say she gada church mind kon tell you how the true tori kon be?"
He attempted to speak.
She cut him short.

"If na so dem dey troway wife wen born for outside carry enter house put for her husband head, kon tell am as time waka the true tori, you for see the better man wen raise you instead of that useless man wen sapele water don finish, wen use correct prick confuse me?"

"Abeg talk beta tin, make we see road. If no be love your wife carry for mind, na mumu you for die be. She for even carry dozen put for your head. Dey read psalm use do thanksgiving, kon calm your mind. Relax. Humble yaself. Count yah blessin. Na man wen raise pikin na im e dey call papa, no be prick wen born am."


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