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It's true that I'm a f00l Today; He's Been playing me

Dear joro, More grease to your elbow please keep me anonymous. I'm in my early 30's so I met this guy 2months ago and he was everything, he is always with me we go everywhere together, we go to cinema every weekend and do lunch and dinner in a good restaurant but he paid just once I do the other days payment cos he told me he was.. READ MORE..

Goodbye s3x now I'm hooked; I can't leave. I'm wet as I'm typing now.

Hello Joro, Good evening. Congrats on ur factory's and product. Goodbye dick gone wrong. Joro am getting married in April. My ex that I dated in university, I was still a Virgin bac then.

We didn't have sex. He begged and begged me that we should have sex before I wed. He has been begging since October. He was my first bf. So I agreed to have... CONTINUE..

He's A Mamma's Boy - Lady cries out

So I've been with this guy for some years now, we are traditionally married. Joro every time we have a problem he runs to his mum's house, sometimes he will stay there days-weeks at a time.

She never tells him to leave or try to give him advice, she lets him stay there for as long as he wants until he feels like coming back home. Recently we had an issue and he.. READ MORE..

Husband said my Honepot stinks Today

So i bumped into this story on IG, on Joro's timeline to be precise. I was touched. I read and saw a woman in pains. Some were laughing but I saw pains. Read;

Uncle joro God bless you for the good work u r doing to our relationships Pls hide my identity Happy new year This is my first time writing to you I can't believe what.. READ MORE..

Slept with my friends wife Today After a Massage

Joro Hailings oh baba pls hide my ID. My friend has been out of naija for 2 years now , he moved to yankee for work , he travelled a year after getting married to his wife ,he hasn't seen her for two years now tho they communicate often , here is what happened i was at a friends child dedication with his wife so after the party she begged me to.. CONTINUE..

My Neighbors Wife Is So Fine and Pure

Good evening Joro, this is not a relationship issue concerning me. My neighbors wife is so fine and pure. So polite and always smiling. But her husband is a dog and her cheater. Joro this guy is always in different universities carrying all shapes and size of olosho.

I know because have seen him out with different.. CONTINUE..


Dear Joro, more shoes in you closet. Please post. Joro I don't want anybody judging me on here. I'm a good girl with a "hoeish" alterego. I can be very spontaneous when my "hoeish" side turns up. So sometime in 2017, I and some other colleagues met up in a colleagues house.

The hangout was going fine till his younger brother stepped out of the room with his girlfriend to join the party.... Nigga was all shades of cute with a dread.. READ MORE..

My Wife Uses A Strap-on for me

This is a very sensitive post and I'd like us to ponder before we contribute, remember never to judge anyone.
"Hello Joro. God bless as you plenty, this is a mature post but I'm willing to share, my wife has some crazy fantasies (we both do) she loves to eat my ass and also use a d!ldo to fVck my ass, it's painful but I.. READ MORE..


Another one from the stable of Joro Nation
Good afternoon, please post and keep me anonymous. I need help, how can I get over this? I know a lot of people would say time heals and I usually get over things like this ASAP but this is different.
I will try to make my story brief and criticisms are welcome; I know I.. READ MORE..

He Proposed Marriage But He’s Never Made Me ‘CUM’ So I said No

Whenever friends ask me to tell them about my boyfriend Raymond, the only thing that comes to mind is the fact that he’s a good guy; he had a great sense of humor, focused, always willing to help and very caring. I put him up as one of the best guys I’ve ever been with. (I haven’t been with a lot though)

But as they say, all good things come with their bad sides. Raymond has his bad side too and.. READ MORE..

Our Very First Orgasms - LADIES SPEAK

Reaching an orgasm through sex has always been an interesting topic for women. Many of us have spent so many years lying about climaxing in bed with our partners that it’s led to self doubt and wondering if it’s even possible and although it is, some of us are still unsure of how to make it happen between the.. READ MORE..


I can’t get enough of my boyfriend’s brother
Moments after a lady confessed to have slept with her gate man on Joro’s page, another one has come with a story that leaves me pondering if some ladies have no slight iota of self esteem. She wrote;

It all happened so fast. I had sex with my boyfriend’s elder brother and I don’t feel sorry for it. Joro, we went 6 rounds, when it was awesome, this guy na.. read more..

From MSC to MRS by Lucy

As I try to repent of my non blogging ways I will post something a darling Aburo of mine wrote.

And so, on this beautiful rainy Monday morning, all curled up in bed (perks of being a student ?), I decide to reply some messages that came in late last night and early hours today. Then it all happened.

I start chatting with a friend, a very dear friend, and after all the usual pleasantries, she jokingly reminds me of the “ultimatum” she’d given me, which was not to.. Read more..

The Affair With My Landlord and His Son and How It Ended For Me

I was posted to Accra for the national service program. Getting accommodation was very tiring until I finally met  Mr. Aboagye, a 56-year-old man who later became my landlord.

He made the rent terms flexible for me. He told me to make three months advance payments and afterward, make monthly payments.

Later, he went out of his way to help me bring my things to the room and.. Read more..

My Boyfriend Raped Me!!!

I first met Jack* at a BBQ dinner during my college's Freshman Orientation. He was cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. He seemed like such a fun guy. He was also a Christian—the perfect package.
Within a month we were dating. I was flattered that Jack wanted to pursue me... Continue..

My Boyfriend Doesnt Know How To Pet A Gurl

There is nothing you won't find on the internet today, please read. Shared as received, no edits.

"Hi evry1.
Am Ibukun by name. I nd ma bf av been dating 4 mor dan a year nw. Bt d problem i av wit hm is dat he doesnt knw hw 2 pet a gal. He shout ova little tinz, alwaz monitoring ma movement. Talkz to me anyhw witout respect. He is too.. Continue..

I Love My Husband Dearly, But I Am Attracted To My Work Colleague

I am not a tart, and have never cheated on my husband, we got married about a year ago, presently I am in the US but he is in Nigeria, we are planning to settle in the US soon. I joined my company about six months ago, The very first day that I saw Nick ( let's call him that ) I felt this feeling that I can't explain, ever since then, each time he walk... CONTINUE..

Please Help! I Think I Have a Shallow Pu**y

Is there anything we will not see on social media, especially as regards love, sex and relationship? Whenever I go through confessions sent to joro by his instagram followers I just wonder how much good or harm the internet has done to us.
Hello Hunku Joro and Joro nation! I am a lady of 23 years, I just started having s!x and I am noit enjoying it the way I should. Anytime I have sex with my fiancé I feel.. SEE MORE..

He Hardly Cum

He Hardly Cum

We've been dating for almost 3 months but we've known each other for six years. I've been so happy with him but he has 'slow ejaculation' and cannot cum during sex or pre-intimacy as in he has never cum during s3x which always last more.. READ MORE..

I Didnt Sleep With The Guy, We Just Romanced And He Just Cum Inside Me Small

This got sent to a relationship Community on Instagram Called Relationship and Life (RAL)
She wrote:
" Good evening Ral family .
I am in a mess now .
My boyfriend saw a crazy text message I sent to some guy just to collect money from him, I told the guy that I was pregnant and needed to abort it, Ral I have never slept with the guy, we just romanced and he.. Read more..

You Will Have To Cum Inside

Girls can be very wicked o . This is a text message my new catch sent me in 2012. I was like Omoh, this relationship will be filled with gbedu..

She came back from a long distance journey and had dropped her luggage at the post office and called me to come help her pick them to her house. On my way to assist her, bam ! A text message arrive my my phone, I checked, it was her, " You will.. Read More..

How My Early Experience With Sex Is Destroying My Beautiful Marriage

I still remember the first day I was forced to have sex. I was 18 and in love with a gentleman who promised me heaven on earth. He treated me like I was his everything until that fateful day.

I was in his room on a visit. That was my third or so visit. My previous visits had been event free. I trusted him not to hurt me but that day he was.. Read more..

Confessions: How do I tell my husband I slept with stranger on work trip?

I’m a married woman in my 30s and my husband and I have no children. A couple of months ago, I attended a conference in Europe with a few other colleagues from the office.

We stayed at a hotel where lots of other delegates were staying and we’d hit the bar every night, so we got to know a few of the other people.

I got along really well with one guy I met – he’s single and I could tell he fancied me and.. Read More..

Confused! I think i’m in love with a man that isn’t my husband P

I think i’m in love with a man that isn’t my husband. I have a long history (going back to school days) with this man. Even though we’ve always had an attraction, we’ve never got together.

We are now both married and we are having a texting affair. Neither of us wants to leave our spouses, but he’s confessed that he loves.. Read more..

I cheated on my husband and I feel great about it

This past weekend, I did something I thought I was never capable of doing. I had sex with another man who wasn't my husband. Yes, you read right. The best part about it is that I feel great *dancing*. I thought I'd hate myself for doing it. But I don't. I thought I'd regret it. But I don't. I thought I'd feel some guilt. But I don't. In fact I can't wait to meet my lover.. SEE MORE..

I Cheated on My husband today

I Cheated on My husband today

Cheated on my husband of over 10 years today. We have 3 kids. I did it with a married ex-coworker (boss) 16 years older than me.

I have found him attractive for months and we secretly met today for lunch and drinks and it turned into much more. I am secretly thrilled about what happened and don’t even feel guilty. I plan to do it again.

I have no one I can tell about this to so I needed to confess anonymously here.

Confession: Love for my step-daughter

I write this now as my feelings have become too strong to ignore or suppress. Do not mistake that I am somehow confused over my feelings only deeply saddened. I am tormented by them. I lie awake at night reliving small moments of time with her. I wake ridden with anxiety over the possibility of not seeing her. I linger over pictures of her for.. CONTINUE..


I can say that was the best sex I have ever had. We did everything in foreplay and the actual sex was not in this realm. Waves of orgasm swept over her body and my very self felt highly satisfied. As I stood up from her and was putting on my boxer, something strange happened that has never.. CONTINUE..

Help! He Is Not Man Enough.

A close female friend of mine called me this afternoon to tell me her ordeal yesterday been sunday.
Plsss, matured advice only. I myself don't know what to advise her on, so I promised her tomorrow that I will give her advice base on the help of my nairaland family.

She said she went to her boyfriend's place yesterday. They have been dating for two months now. One thing led to the other and everything ended up in sex. But she got the shocker of her life which she.. Continue..

My Wife Is Driving Me Crazy??? Getting Frustrated

This is a serious issue for the New Year

How do couples with different spending patterns cope

My partner is driving me crazy, we have been fighting about everything that has to do with money, she is kinda of lavish and i am prudent. It is really frustrating, she sees me as a miser. She has this idea the higher the cost the more quality, but i.. Continue..