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My life changing experience: Remorseful Side-Chick Shares her stork "I almost died"

Hello, Dear Joro, I've been keeping something in my mind for about a week now and I finally decided to share. Please don't judge me, I've already judged myself. I recently went to spend the weekend with one of my married boyfriends in Abuja.

Unknown to us his wife tracked us down through his driver and she came and bursted us at the guesthouse we lodged. Hmmmm I've never.. READ MORE..

Maybe, Some of Us Are Not Meant To Find Love: My Worse Valentine

Francis got married five years ago. He has a very beautiful family now; a daughter, a son and a beautiful wife to match. Just some months before his wedding, I was his girlfriend. We had dated two years prior. I didn’t get the hint. He cut links with me and later told me; “I don’t think it’s going to work. Look at both of us, we are so...READ MORE..   

Simple Trick To Bleep Olosho Gilrs

I want to share a magic trick
Bros JoroLove Doctor, I want to teach ur male followers a magic trick. Very simple google an iPhone pix . Find a girl who is using old iPhone or android.

From their picture U will no there phone quality.Tell her you want to buy her iPhone. Send her 10k the next day for recharge card. That 10k or 5k is to.. READ MORE.. 

I must collect my val money, Val hair and Val d@ck.

Hello Joro, my boyfriend has been trying to pick a fight with me for Valentine's Day. He has said all sorts and called me all the names in the world. Me I didn't answer. I must collect my val money, Val hair and Val d@ck.

Those olosho girls can have him on the 15th and so on I don't care. He lied he was traveling. Me I went to park in front.. READ MORE..

I'm losing my second virginity tomorrow. I lost my first virginity years ago.

Hey guys here is another controversial story from a follower of one of naija's most influential relationship counsellor's Joro.
This story is somewhat controversial because I know some of you whoma are gonna be the first to cast a stone are actually guilty of the same act, that's if you find it abominable though.

Hello Joro, am finally loosing my virginity to my boyfriend. He has been.. READ MORE..


Good day uncle joro, more shoes and sales . So to my issue, I had sex with my ex boyfriend friend, like they are not close friends yeah but they do hangout with the same group so that makes them friends right? Whatever.
What happened was I had an issue with my ex who was my boyfriend then , he went through my phone and saw some old messages between me and.. READ MORE..

How I Became a lesbian. We mould kiss passionately, do 69...

Dear Joro Please post and keep me anonymous... God bless you Joro Long epistle alert!!!! They call me ebony beauty with the sexy body...Growing up, I had lots of women I mean married women who found me very attracted and wanted to explore my body, but I wanted none of that, someone whom I looked up to was also interested in me.

She was so in love with me that she gave me everything I wanted, at first I thought she just loved me as a sister and a friend (because we were.. READ MORE

I'm a lesbian.. I think my 7yr old daughter is a lesbian too. My husband wants to take her for deliverance..

Hello Joro, more wins this year. am a lesbian myself but my husband does not no. My last lesbian affair was last year. Am trying to stay away from it this year.
Am not here for myself. Joro I think My 7 years old daughter is a lesbian. Her teachers have called me 3 times since last year to school to report her.

They say she is always putting her hand in other girls pant and.. READ MORE..

My wife is in a lesbian relationship with her Boss... I masturbated to the Boss's nudes

Hello bro Joro, my wife is in lesbian relationship with her boss at work. I don't know why am not upset about it. She is a banker. She told me her boss used to shout at her and pick on her until she stop complaining.

When I insult the Boss she was get angry and her eye will get red. Joro this is Someone that me and her will insult for hours. My wife's phone.. READ MORE..

My girlfriend raped me... I'm not a l_sbian..

My girlfriend raped me
Dear Joro,plz keep me anonymous.Thank u.i am responding 2 ur post of some few days again,a gal asking if she is lesbian,she desiring anoda female.this is my story,my galfriend raped me.i am not much of keeping friends,but i grew likeness n admiration 4 my townsgal.

She was smart,very attractive,n hardworking,had virtue i very much i grew close to her,with time i spent more time with... READ MORE..

How Do I Seduce A Petty Husband?

Dear joro good day, I just read the post about the lady her husband told to wait for 11 months before having sEx, my husband is that petty and way things are going that man is about to starve me too. Before we got married my husband can lash for Africa, even on the day of exams this man was busying me anyhow, but after honey moon everything changed.

Joro nation its been 3years now and I always beg for s.x even when he his horny he will be forming macho man, now he complains I like s.x to much that.. READ MORE..

My younger sister told me that my fiancé's brother r@ped her

Dear Joro
My younger sister just told me now that my fiance's brother raped her. I saw the conversation between them on whatsapp. He claimed not to have forced her. He tore her jeans and when she was swearing at him during their chat, he said he was going to replace the jean. Just imagine.

Then he blocked her on whatsapp. Now she has missed the first day of her.. READ MORE..

should I just f**k him? , this other Ode was sharing popcorn.. I miss him

HI Joro. I can't wait anymore
Joro you're a guy. Must guys f**k???? Ahnn ahnn I'm upset but I like the guy. So this guy took me out like 2 weeks ago. I won't lie he spent on me. But me shoes, bags and gave me 30k. Minus food and all.

Next thing he said I should come to his place . I said no. Joro this guy just got upset. He didn't say anything. He didn't even.. READ MORE..

We Were Virgins Until Marriage: The Funny Story of Our First Experience With Sex

On our bed that night we didn’t know what to do. Not that we didn’t know but we didn’t know where to start and where to end. It was our first time to spend the night together. I didn’t know what to expect. We lied next to each other staring and once in while asked questions.

We’ve been tired. Going through all the things we went through before the final day of our wedding was enough to.. READ MORE..

The man that mobilized thugs to molest a young girl in a trending video has been arrested

The middle aged man that mobilized thugs and street animals to rape and sexually molest a young girl in a trending video has been arrested. He was arrested this evening, along with the manager of a hotel he lodged briefly.

His arrest this evening, opened the lid on the motive and participants involved in the sordid attack. The suspect was temporarily and amorously linked with the victim and.. SEE MORE..

Should I continue sleeping with him?

This is funny, You’re asking for advice on a situation you already answered in your own damn letter. But, I will rehash it for you. No, he’s not interested. Yes, you area  forbidden territory and its fun. He’s b@nging his friend’s sister. And, no he is not scared to be in a relationship with you. He just plain and simple doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

Just READ;
Hello joro,quick one there is my brother's friend that we are talking and about to start something but he is scared my brother might not like the.. read more..

My moment of weakness with my friend's boyfriend

Joro good evening. Please I need advice from you because I feel so bad. My roommate has a boyfriend and she's always telling me stories about him which I think made me start having feelings for him.

To cut the long story short I went to his house at (solo and had sex with him. He was my first and it was so painful that I never wish to repeat that.. READ MORE...


How would you react when you are told "I saw your wife giving some guy head inside a car?" Not anywhere else oo, in a damn car. And as the one reporting, what if what you saw isn't the lady giving someone head?
Hello Joro, am at amala joint. Came to buy food with my colleges from work. That's ow I saw m neighbors wife giving a man head in the car. Open day light Joro.

The car was tinted at the back. Am in shock. What should I do? I want to send an anonymous message to the husband. took a picture.. READ MORE..

I think I am A Lez- Lady cries out

Am i a lesbian ?
Good morning joro, Thanks for this platform, anormous please, I wish my post meet you well, cos I need help, I know a lot of people may jurge me but whatever, am 22, since I was a kid I have always liked girl.

I didn't know why but I always wanted to be friends with them but sadly there felt because I was beautiful I was going to look down on them that's what one of them.. READ MORE..

I had Goodbye s2x with my Ex..thought of pushing the pregnancy on my husband

Hello Joro, Good evening. Congrats on your businesses. I want to contribute to the DNA saga. I am a woman. And I almost got in trouble myself. Before I married my husband, I had goodbye s2x with my ex. He came in me but I thought I was safe.

I took contraceptives doe. Joro 1 week later I did introduction with my husband and.. READ MORE..

My husband has money.. if I get Pot and bed sheet this year On Vals Day..

Good morning Joro, hope I didn't wake you. hope everything is going well. Valentine's Day is In 9 days. I want something sweet from my husband. Last year I received new bed sheets that he will sleep on too and new washing machine that he will use.

2017 he bought me pot set. He wasn't always like this. He changed. Am old enough not to be moved by peer pressure but my friends receive.. Read more..

Now I am Scared of Light skinned girls

Hi Joro Good afternoon ! More endorsements to you.
Joro pls post and keep me anonymous! It all started when I liked a girl comment in one of your post and she followed me ! Me got to know each other and eventually things went well.

Fast forward to the day we had sex ! Joro ! Everywhere cast .she smells Joro ! I couldn't.. READ MORE..


Good morning Joro, Great Blog and personality. thank you for raising this DNA awareness. Am writing you from Ontario. This is going to be short I hope. I almost ran mad and lost my mind in 2015. I thank God for support of Family and friends.

Two of my children are not for me. I found out in a sad way. It broke me. My daughter was falling ill in boarding school and was admitted in outside school.. READ MORE..


My boyfriends boxers
Hello Joro, see me see trouble. My boyfriend doesn't wash his boxers. He can beg for head like tomorrow is not coming. His balls hair is between green and brown color Joro.

It smells of stale urine and sheet sef. He has 2 main boxers. Batman boxers and Manchester united boxers. He won't wash them. Joro so I burned them and.. READ MORE..

My fiancé is good in bed but not romantic

Hi Joro I'm engaged to my husband to be and we are already staying together but I'm scared of spending forever with him cos i already told my creator that I'm never going to cheat on my husband.

But Joro,the thing is I'm not enjoying the sex life. I'm sure you know there's a difference between making love and.. READ MORE..

I am hopelessly in love with A married man

I have fallen in love with a married man. I am hopelessly in love with this man. We met last year at an event. We clicked and I fell in love. We have been using condom since but now I ask him to go in raw. I want to have his baby. Joro I don't know what is wrong with me.

I am not those girls sleeping with married men for money. My parents have money, I have a nice paying job. He doesn't give me..READ MORE.. 

How a Tiny Penis Is Destroying My Life And Relationships

I found out very early in life that my penis isn’t normal. I was told by everyone who cared to talk that my dick was small. It didn’t get to me. I didn’t care. After all, I was able to use it the way everyone with a dick used theirs; to urinate.

Then I went to senior high school where we had a shared bathroom. My very first day in that bathroom was so awkward and demeaning, to say the least. That was when, for the first time, I saw different penises on display all at.. READ MORE..

I was turned Gay by Dads brother; He acts like nothing happened. This man ruined me.

"Joro my uncle started using vaseline to penetrate my a**s when I was 7 years old. He did this till I was 9 years old. My parents never noticed.

I hate my parents for this. But they don't know anything. When i was 11 I started wanting more In my anus. I was expelled from secondary school because I was.. READ MORE..